Share Your World

Share Your World

Haven’t shared my world for quite a while but glad I am doing it again.  MZ

The Questions…

  1. You’re walking in a forest and you find a black suitcase.  Inside it is one millions dollars and a piece of paper, stained in blood and bearing the single word “Don’t!”  Would you take the suitcase home or leave it?
  2. Imagine you lapsed and cheated on your partner. You feel horrible and you know you’ll never do it again, because the feeling is so awful. Would you confess?
  3. Would you live your life differently if nobody ever judged you for anything you did?
  4. Would a fly without wings be called a walk? No? What would you call it?

The Answers:

  1. Definitely will leave it!  Have you seen Fargo Season 1?  You’ll understand why then.
  2. NO! Again, another analogy with a movie – Fatal Attraction.  You’d be so so sorry.
  3. No, despite the “downs” – the “ups” helped.
  4. Depending on the context used for the term “fly”, yes, I would call it a “walk”.

What’s something that brought joy and lightness of being to you this past week?

It’s not only this past week but every week when I get to talk to my 95 year old aunt who is half-way around the world.  She is so precious to me; my parents have passed.



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  1. Glad to see you Sharing Your World again! 🙂 I have an elderly auntie too..she’s 99 this year I believe, and those old people? Precious and dearer than gold. So much we can all learn from them too. How truly lovely that you have that connection!

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