Mandarin Duck Visiting Central Park

A wonderful guest in Central Park.  Who would have expected the visit of a Mandarin Duck in the pond near 59th Street of Manhattan?  It is a beautiful fowl, native to East Asia.  What a sight to see and appreciate!




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  1. The last time i saw one of these wonderful birds was on an open lake at London Zoo. There is a sizeable population of then in England and France which is believed to have evolved from escaped imported birds from rich people’s collections. There is a smaller population around Black Mountain N.C.!! And one in California.

    The name is Mandarin Duck btw and was related to the Chinese Mandarin rulers who used to wear similarly fine coloured costumes.

    You caught him beautifully here! Well Done! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your input. I figured it was Mandarin and not Manadrin – appreciate the confirmation. Could be that it escaped from some rich person’s collection but so glad it’s visiting Central Park for everyone to admire.

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