Away for a few days

Cho and I decided to make a short trip to Canada to help the Canadians celebrate their 150th Birthday!  We made it back in time to help U.S.A. celebrate the 4th of July!

We left office lunch time to beat the traffic to the airport.  Our flight was delayed and rather bumpy (like all plane rides these days).  Our trip started with short one night stop in Toronto.  The journey started the next morning and it would last until Monday evening.  Stops included Kingston in Eastern Ontario, Ottawa the capital, Montreal, Quebec City and finally Thousand Islands.

The weather wasn’t really on our side; it was windy, rainy and cold for the onset of summer but we loved it.  At least we weren’t sweating which is uncomfortable to tolerate.  Wish the trip could have been longer …

A fascinating History-War Museum came first.


Ottawa was small but sophisticated; the main streets were closed for the 150th Birthday celebration and we couldn’t access those places we wanted to visit but Cho managed to capture one or two.


Montreal was interesting.  A church like the Notre Dame in Paris – a miniature copy


Quebec City was our favorite; a very old city enclosed by walls with a chateau overlooking the Lawrence River.  The Chateau Frontenac is now a hotel.


And … a Thousand Islands, for the millionaires.  Houses on every small/medium/large size island; one of the island is called “Heart Island” on which stands the Boldt Castle, a story of tragic romance.  George Boldt of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel started the construction of the castle for his wife; unfortunately, his wife Louise, passed during the build and all work was stopped.  He never stepped foot on that island again.








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