An Evening with the Roses

The Brooklyn Botanical doesn’t allow visitors to picnic in their garden BUT last night was different!  As members, we were invited to celebrate the blooming of the roses between the hours of 6 pm and 8:30 pm.  with our picnic baskets. 


The wonderful and glorious Cranford Rose Garden was opened with “encouraged” picnicking in the Cherry Esplanade.  The Esplanade also hosted a stage of live jazz musicians dressed in the 1920 and 1930’s style.  Participants donned their bonnet, derby or fascinator – adults and children alike. 


Jazz is not easy to dance to.  The rhythm might be suppressed beneath a trumpet or piano solo pulling in another direction while the guitar plays a counter-rhythm. Wonder how the dancers find the pulse?  The best dancer on the plywood riser, a retired New Orleans grocer named Claudia Dumestre, said “I listen with both my ears right down to my feet,” she said. “Sometimes I lock on the drummer to find the beat; sometimes I lock in on another instrument. If you have a dance partner who hears music the same way, that makes it much easier.”  Guess that’s how the people who joined us at this outing that evening in the garden based their dance steps on.  They were wonderful to watch.


 Cho strolled the Rose Garden to take photos of those roses from a never taken moment of the evening (the garden normally closes at 6 pm).  She was just grumbling last week that the garden shouldn’t close so early in summer.  MZ sat on a bamboo mat, reveling at those many families with their children (week old babies were also present), appreciating the flowing music and savoring the slow breeze that cooled the warm temperature.


 It was such a wonderful evening that everyone enjoyed!

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