Rose Garden Saturday at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG)

Being members of NYBG, we received a reminder at the beginning of the week that the roses would be in bloom in the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. 

 A brief summary of the garden – it hosts more than 650 varieties of roses that flower between the months of May through October.  The roses that are planted there include heirloom varieties selected for their alluring beauty and fragrance as well as their resistance to disease and pests.  Designed by landscape architect Beatrix Farrand in 1916, this garden was completed in 1988 with the support of David Rockefeller and named after his wife Peggy, a horticulturalist and conservationist who loved roses. The Rose Garden has received many international awards, and is considered to be among the world’s best rose gardens.


Subway service on weekends in New York are terrible!  The tracks are under maintenance and you have to devise your own route to get to your destination.  We were determined to get to the Rose Garden regardless the track works.  Sometimes it may have been worth the while to buy a car then but there is actually no need living in town.  Anyway, we successfully reached our destination!

 Not only were there roses, but this special weekend would be infused with live musicians, gardening demonstrations, rose plant giveaways, and refreshments.

 In the Pergola, located in the middle of the rose garden, live acoustic performances.  It featured the melodies of harp and cello creating the perfect melodious sound that resonated the beauty of the flowers.  We had the chance to enjoy the special performances by vocalist Allison Linker, first violinist of the Escher String Quartet, Adam Barnett-Hart, and classical and acrobatic duo Richard Hankes and Ashlee Montague is a world premier collaboration.  There was a raffle to win a rose plant to take home.  Of course, we didn’t win; never lucky when lotteries are concerned.

 Cho spent a good half day taking photos of the roses, inside the garden and outside along-side the fence where we came by interesting findings.  MZ, who loves to read, brought a novel, over which she savored with delight as the weather was perfect, not too hot nor too cool.  We had a light lunch, brought from home, after which we had a long wait for the tram to take us back to our starting point, where we wanted to do more exploring.  We were hungry again when we reached our destination (attempt to lose weight not working that well due the long walks we take).

 A visit to inside the Conservatory proved interesting.  There was an exhibition of the art work of Dale Chilhully – absolute breathtaking works of art that dazzle with color, light, and form. 

Once outside, it was time to peruse Cho’s “Seasonal Walk”.  It was closed the last time she came.  As we walked the path that leads us to the Walk, we noticed that there was reception going on – does that mean that it’s closed again?  Yes, it actually did!  Disappointed, we left the garden and headed to the train station to go home.


 Nevertheless it was a rewarding and an interesting Saturday.  Not long enough though and sad to see the day slip way so quick!

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