Our Sunday…

Cho and MZ decided to do a ramble in Central Park, to the northern tip which we have never been. As we rode in the subway train, we noticed that the last stop was Pelham Bay Park. We have never been there despite our 10+ years here. MZ recalls the movie Pelham123 in which the train was hijacked and maybe you do too. Let’s go on an adventure trip MZ suggested! Cho concurred so we spent an hour and a half on the train until we reached the end of the rails. Cho googled what we find in the park – the largest in New York, 2772 acres! We got there but we only found people getting ready for BBQs. We didn’t venture in too far since we had Central Park as our main destination, we turned back. Pelham Bay Park to be scheduled for another day. It was another hour on the train and we finally got to the Central Park Conservatory.

The Conservatory was beautiful with flowers of all kinds – peonies, foxglove, roses, irises, snow drops … There were those walking their dogs.

After several photo shoots, we meandered in the park itself. We missed lunch! Nothing enticing – beef hot dogs (don’t eat red meat!) or pretzel (hard as nail). We explored Shakespeare’s Garden again. More photo shoots …

Late afternoon and we were famished! We reached the 5th Ave entrance of the park where we came upon street cart vendors. MZ had chicken gyro and Cho had chicken over rice. The taste is somewhat Middle Eastern/Indian; can’t really pinpoint the food’s origin. We satiated our hunger with Belgian waffles for dessert!

It was a nice day out. Today, it’s an American Holiday, Memorial Day. We are at home – it’s raining out.

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