An impromptu visit to the Park….

After being cooped up in the house for an entire week because of an upper respiratory tract infection, MZ endeavored to take a leisurely stroll in the Park yesterday afternoon. No uphill paths please, emphasized MZ; still trying to regain the strength! 

A chilly light wind was blowing though the sun was out in full swing.  Yes, the sun was definitely very deceptive.  We took the west route, rambling near the still waters of the lake, looking for any unique object or living creature for Cho to share with all of you through her camera lens.

 A bench with an engraving “Entirely of Possibility” caught MZ’s attention.  If we were only given that choice in life, MZ thought … 

We walked on.  And yes, we came about Cho’s favorite place in the park – Waffles and Dinges vending cart, and she had her favorite De Apple Waffle with whipped cream (went slow on the syrup).  MZ didn’t have any; such sweetness didn’t suit her itchy throat.


We continued to ramble on and on with no specific direction in mind.  All of a sudden, the wind brought us an array of sounds of musical instruments.  As we approached those sounds, we encountered a Chinese musician playing a melancholic rendition of John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Road.  Not too far was a group of drummers, and a young woman dancing away to the rhythm of the beats; and an accordion player (from Belle Paris maybe?).  We sat on the bench and let the sun absorb us in.


It was after sunset when we left the park.  It was an impromptu visit and we didn’t want to go home.  The last glimpse of the Park was ever so rewarding.  Climbing down a tree in the far dusky distance was a huge raccoon.  The raccoon was too remote to be visible only to the squinted eyes but no longer to the magical lens of the camera.  We headed down to the subway station.

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