Snowy day at home

It’s a snowy day (a blizzard actually) in the northeast of the USA.  A good majority of the offices are closed.  I can hear the snow blower from beneath the window of my apartment building.  What is blown in front is offset with more snow from behind 😊.  The wind is an enemy too so it’s a combination of just pure nasty weather to welcome the Spring which is due on March 20!


As I sit in the dining room, where I do most of my work, I look at the few pots of plants I have.  There are jasmine. They do thrive when it’s summer and their scent pervade the space when the flowers bloom.  There is also a pot of lucky bamboo.  It does well at home but the one I have on my desk at work is kind of strange.  It’s not dying but the bamboo just seems to be shooting straight to the ceiling and doesn’t want to spread its wings sideways.  It’s just one lanky bamboo.  I also have pots of Eugenia; this type of Eugenia does not flower though.  They are just evergreen and they do so well indoors to my surprise!


I am glad that I am home to catch up on my blog.  I spend so much time at work that when I return home, I am so fatigued.  My mind is blank and I am too tired to think.  However, I do still have time to read/peruse the blogs and photos that all you have shared/posted and it makes me smile.  I am thankful for the mellow words of the blogs that bring solace in a troubled world.  More posts to follow …  MZ

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