Where better to spend a drab and dreary cold winter weekend – at the NYBG Botanical Gardens with an orchid show!  The Orchid Show – Thailand is on display in the Botanical Gardens, the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

 Here are some facts about orchids that you might be interested in.  There are over 30,000 species of orchids inhabiting every corner of our planet except for the driest deserts and Antarctic.  These species have been crossbred to create 150,000 hybrids with more emerging all the time.  Orchids do not grow in soil but in the air with their roots attaching to trees or rocks where they capture moisture and nutrients.

 Captivating audience of orchid/flower aficionadas filled the conservatory.  One photographer painstakingly lugged her “camera cart” through the narrow passages of orchids lined on both sides.  Her cart held an array of lenses, tripods and … a bottle of water.  It was amazing to see how enthused and spellbound she was as she shot photos, switching between two cameras, one with a tele-lens and the other with a macro.

 There was also a group of school children; some jotting down notes, some looking dazed with wonderment, and some jaded with nonchalance.  They trickled away as the garden guide took them pass.  The children’s chatter was replaced with the sound of water trickling together with the sound of the whirs and clicks of camera shutters. 

 It was warm inside the conservatory.  Reality of winter returned when the visit ended and we found ourselves outside with our layers of clothing.

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