I was so surprise to learn that a butterfly’s life span was so short, only a week or two.  Their beauty is however unparalleled. Their embodiment is so fragile.  Capturing their pictures was a feat as you can see from the gallery.  A quote to cherish and appreciate

Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how beautiful they are, but everyone else can.  People are like that.”



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  1. Truly beautiful things – and so very hard to catch in a photo, or at least they are here in Aus.

    There are about half a billion butterflies (Monarchs) that migrate from a single valley in Mexico to the entire USA including Alaska for the Summer then return to spend Winter there, away from the cool weather. The thing is – as you point out – they only live a few weeks and several generations live and die before they return to the same valley.

    So how do they know where the valley is??



      1. It is really strange because the instinct only kicks in when the cooler weather starts. When the first butterflies arrive in America from Mexico they only live a couple of weeks before laying eggs and dying. Those eggs hatch and they might move a bit further north as they spread across the US then they die four weeks after their parent did and so on until the beginning of Autumn and the cooler weather starts which might be 3, 4 or 5 generations later, when suddenly they make their way back to the valley which might take them one or more generations? they do this every year at the same time but in one year there are 12-13 generations of butterflies with no more than a parent-child generation surviving together at any time. What sort of a way is that for a basic instinct in all creatures to behave??

        I have no clue how that works, just that it does on a regular, yearly basis.

        The human equivalent would be if every 300 years or so all the pilgrim fathers ancestors of the US packed their bags and travelled to Cornwall, in the UK on foot or boat, stayed there for 60 years or so and then returned back to their homes in the US!


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